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HatStandy Hat-cast 3

A dance mix created from an original song by Alanis Sibley-Ware (aged 14) who wrote, played ukelele and sang this. Given the upbeat melodic trance treatment HatStandy. This is a 3 minute sample for advertising purposes only. 16/5/17

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HatStandy Hat-cast 1

Brexit means ...

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Up and coming Dub Raggie band, DubHeart

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Wheels in the Walk

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Reduce our benefits, but give us jobs

Everyone should have an automatic backup

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HatStandy In The Red

Extend your laptop battery life from 1st Line Support

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blog@jtucker.co.uk (Jon Tucker) said on the 0000-00-00 00:00:00

Up and coming Dub Raggie band, DubHeart

Was great to see a local band doing well on national television,
DubHeart in the UK's Best part-time Band competition, on BBC 4.

To start with, their first interview went well, with good comments coming from the presenters, so they were asked to come and perform in front of a live audience.

They were the first act on the stage and rightly warmed up the audience and basically, won the night.
DubHeart interview UK's Best Part-time Band
So they were through to the grand final, again they played a great set, but unfortunately were pipped at the post, but as they say, taking part is the important part of this show.
DubHeart after 1st show UK's Best Part-time Band
Well done, DubHeart, as always, you were the best to us. And now other can see too.
DubHeart through to the Grand Final UK's Best Part-time Band
More of their music can be obtained from Karnatone Records

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