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British Government lying over Iran

Value of items after you buy them

Attack on Syria, blood on May's hands

The current confused conflicts

Facebook Spam

HatStandy Hat-cast 3

A dance mix created from an original song by Alanis Sibley-Ware (aged 14) who wrote, played ukelele and sang this. Given the upbeat melodic trance treatment HatStandy. This is a 3 minute sample for advertising purposes only. 16/5/17

HatStandy Hat-cast 2

HatStandy Hat-cast 1

Brexit means ...

Recent promotional work

Up and coming Dub Raggie band, DubHeart

Chilean Volcano

Wheels in the Walk

Fracking Mad

Bournemouth Air Festival is back

FinSpy by Gamma

Reduce our benefits, but give us jobs

Everyone should have an automatic backup

HatStandy Daughter

HatStandy In The Red

Extend your laptop battery life from 1st Line Support

Remote Computer Support around the world

HatStandy Andy Play Me Taster

This is my new blog

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Jonathan Tucker

is a Computer Expert and Cyber Security Expert

Looking for Instant Computer Support or for Web Development or SEO, so if you get an email from someone claiming they can get you on the First Page of Google, just laugh at them.

Jonathan Tucker aka The Computer Man has been in the computer industry over the last 37 years. Having seen many changes to equipment, the biggest change is with the acceptance of people and how they use technology.

Having started with Mainframes moving quickly to help integrate PC LAN technologies to this technology, showing how it could be achieved, quickly and easily.
Even saving the day, when we could not boot our mainframe, simply re-wrote the startup sequence.

Having worked worldwide, on-site and remotely providing the best quality support and guidance, to both local and site based-staff.
On the first day, clearing a three-month backlog of calls.

Determining solutions, before others could even understand the problem, always ahead of the game.
Price Water House with a Lotus Notes problem and Barclays had my 1-minute quick fix, to some of their worst problems.

When asked how do I determine customer satisfaction, the answer is simple, 'How stressed were they when they came to me? And how big their simile is when I am finished'.

The expert that experts go to when they have nowhere else to go.

Jonathan likes to help others, in need of his skills and experience. This is the main reason he created his company 1st Line Support, where he is now a Technologist. Although based in Bournemouth, 1st Line Support, is available worldwide, so long as there is an internet connection or simply just a phone. Technology is now everywhere within our lives, computers and technology, are in your life too, this is where Jonathan comes in, he is often asked, 'What do you do?', the plain and simple answer, for each individual he cannot explain until you use him, then as you ask more questions and learn more, you'll suddenly realise, how useful he is, but how did you cope before knowing him, a bit like a mobile phone.

Recently, Jonathan has undertaken to develop a new web-based system to go up against WordPress and Joomla, on PHP and MySQL. Bespoke Is a powerful yet extremely small and therefore efficient web development and SEO application.


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