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The Mayan's got it right

Tpuc, Fmotl, Oppt In and you

Thinking of buying a McCarthy and Stone House ... think carefully

As we reach the end of the Mayan Calendar, it's becoming clear, they were right - man is moving to the next level of evolution! Are you ready?
Check out the Mayan Calendar

Looking for a better future?

The Venus Project

Are you as free as you think you are? or should be? Or do you just not understand, then they are here to help.
Oppt InIf you are in need of help and advise about going to court, we can help you, with free advice and knowledge.
My father purchased a McCarthy and Stone House in Feburary 2003, he passed away in December 2003. My brother and I tried to sell the property, it took two and a half years, leading me to become bankrupt, not something I was expecting. Be warned if you would like to leave something to your family, don't buy a McCarthy and Stone's home.

Jon Tucker Son-in-law Richard and my daughter Karen My grand daughter Taya

Law (Lagu, lawe, laghe) Just, Right, Fair Legal (Lex - lefis) connected by contract
Extracted from Law vs Legal

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